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Learning basic website development is very important for a Digital Marketer.
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HashPro is one of the fastest growing Digital Marketing Institute in Hyderabad, located in Himayatnagar. There is a huge gap between what the Industry wants and what is being taught by institutes and this laid a strong foundation to teach and train students both theoretically and practically. We transform students and make them Industry ready by the end of Digital Marketing course.

HashPro has been named as one of the top 3 best Digital Marketing institutes in Himayatnagar and top 5 best Digital Marketing academies in Hyderabad. We are proud to say that HashPro is the only academy to provide Advanced and Master level coaching in Digital Marketing in the entire Hyderabad.

Website Development With WordPress

Website is the face of business. Digital Marketing is possible if one has a digital presence and that is your website. Learn to develop it

Website Importance

Any business having a digital presence about their products or services have more chances to drive sales, not just sales it also improves brand reputation.


Websites to develop

Millions of websites, but every website is unique based on their business, static, blog site, dynamic, e-commerce etc many more which are developed in different platforms.


WordPress Basics

WordPress is a user-friendly site where anyone can easily develop a website with drag and drop options. We teach you how to develop a site on WordPress.


Domain & Hosting

Domain and Hosting are about purchasing the URL you desire from sites like GoDaddy etc, we will teach how to purchase a domain and do hosting.


Tools knowledge

As WordPress is a website tool, we will make you explore the complete tool and teach about each and every option.


Theme installation

Every website has a different theme based on their business, the same way we will teach you how to select the theme for your website and customize according to you.



WordPress is all about plugins where every plugin has its own functionality. Get to know about the plugins on how to add them based on a website.


Dashboard detail

The dashboard is a section which gives an overview of the website what’s happening on the website.



Website is developed according to the business requirement. Learn about how to create web pages, writing website content and many more.

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