10 Quora Marketing Tips for Your Buisness

In this blog, we are here to help you with 10 quora marketing tips for your business, and with this helps you to leverage quora for marketing.

In this blog, we are here to help you with 10 quora marketing tips for your business, and with this helps you to leverage quora for marketing.

Digital Marketing is one of the booming industries in marketing and has surpassed traditional marketing. With the world wide web, there are so many ways that the simple power of the internet can be used to market the business for absolutely Free!

Quora is one of those platforms on the internet that most people do not know how to leverage it for business.

What exactly is Quora?

Quora is essentially a Question-Answer site where people can post their questions and get answers to those questions. The answers are written by other users on quora.

Quora functions on user-generated content and a whole ecosystem works in a self-sustaining way. People can also answer, leave reviews and so much more. So how can you leverage Quora for your business?

Before that let us discuss

Why should one focus on Quora Marketing?

While Quora is not as big a platform as Twitter, Instagram, but its active user base is growing. In 2018, Quora’s monthly active user base reached 300 million, up from 200 million reported in 2017. (Source – Foundation)

A lot of people on quora like answering questions and sharing their knowledge. Quora is an excellent tool for building a brand name and gaining that trust of people. If you use the right techniques, give valuable answers to a question you can leverage Quora for your business marketing with just 10 tips. 

10 Quora Marketing Tips for Your Business

Optimize your Profile

Before you go and start answering questions, you should optimize your profile for maximum impact. This will help ensure that your answers are credible and also help to build a brand. Make sure to mention your business and website in your profile.

Few points to keep in mind while profile optimization are:-

  • Add a professional profile picture
  • Write a meaningful description with your website link 
  • Add credentials and highlights to your profile.

Add the “Knows about” Topics

This is the section that tells people what topics you know about. Adding these topics to your profile will add credibility. These are the topics on linked. Make sure you add the popular topics you know about.

Protip- Turn on the Notification for the poplar topics

Find the Best questions to answer

Just answering any question you come across will now do much for you. You have to find meaningful questions and answer them while giving value to people. Also, choose questions in your topic that get good traction.

You can check the upvotes/downvotes for this. Also, focus on answering recent questions as this will help your answer rank on top. 

Good answer Structure to make it stand out

A quora question thread will have a lot of answers on it. The trick is to make it stand out. Your answers cannot belong or too short. Find a sweet spot. Few things you can do to make it stand out are:

  • Add a Headline to your answer
  • Add a relevant image to your answer
  • Answer the question in a nutshell first and then explain it afterward.
  • Use Bold Formatting
  • Give data to back up the answer

Read on – How to write answers on Quora.

Decide the aim of each answer and add a suitable CTA

Each answer you write should have an aim. Ask how will answering this question help your brand. This will help you to decide a proper CTA for the answer. CTA – call to action, is what you ask the reader to do at the end of the answer. If you want to redirect then to a site, landing page, or just simply upvote the answer, just add the CTA.

Read on – How to write a CTA

Create a Business page for your Brand

You can create a Business Page by creating a topic for your business. This will give you the opportunity to put your business out there. To do this just have to “Add Question” box and click the link to “Create Topic.”

This gives you the option to name the topic and add a brief description.

Promote your answer

Your answer becomes more and more credible with the number of upvotes it gets. However, getting more upvotes needs some work. One way to do so is by sharing your answer on various platforms and getting people to notice it. You can drop the link to answers on Facebook groups or any other messenger groups. The idea is to promote the answer.

Check the statistics

Statistics are important when it comes to Internet marketing. Keeping a track of your hard work will help you check if it was worth it. So make sure that you check your quora analytics.

Quora provides free analytics for all users, showing you a detailed breakdown of the following:

  • Views
  • Upvotes
  • Shares

Also, read – Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics.

Get crowd sourced content and customer reviews

Quora can even help you to create content. Just imagine posting a relevant question and getting a bunch of answers to it. All this content can be used later in a blog post and help you write content with real stories and great content. You can even ask people for reviews on certain products or services and get an honest opinion. 

Just don’t forget to give due credit and make sure you mention people. 

Find Blog topics for future posts

Quora not only helps you to get good content but it also helps you to generate trending content ideas. People ask a lot of questions on Quora and they are searching for answers to these questions. If you write blog posts that answer those questions you will get good traction on it.

Learn More about Off-Page SEO

In all, Quora is a great tool you can leverage for easy marketing on the internet. All you need is a good strategy. Include Quora in your overall Digital Marketing strategy to unlock its powers. 

Start by optimizing your profile and creating topics for your business. Answer relevant questions and do not forget to provide a CTA. Also, make your answer stand out. There are many other ways to leverage quora but all of that is out of the scope of this post.

What is your favorite feature of quora? Comment below!

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