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15 Best Digital Marketing Tools To Simplify Your Work

Technology makes everything easy isn’t that correct? Well if you are in the Digital World completely then you always have to make things a little bit less complicated. Time is money so if you are in the Digital Marketing Industry you need some Digital Marketing Tools at every stage.

Digital Marketing Tools required at various works

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool for a complete analysis of a website. The tracking code should be inserted in the header section of the entire website HTML code and this will help to know how much time a visitor stayed on the website and what pages the visitor is visiting.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a tool in Google Ad words to search for keywords with volume range, competition level, highest bid, lowest bid amount. This Digital Marketing Tool helps us in choosing the correct set of keywords for our ads, websites which can generate traffic.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is used for crawling and indexing our website. We can request Google to crawl our website and start indexing to get a ranking in the Search Engine Results Page. The website sitemap has to be uploaded which includes entire website URLs to make it easy.


Word press is the website development tool which has themes for the websites based on various topics. Word press is for everyone who doesn’t know to code to make a website. All the coding part is done by word press and also, provides various kinds of plug-ins for additional help. The word press theme can be easily customized by the Elementor.

Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp is extremely helpful for email marketing. It has free and paid version services with readymade templates that are easy to edit. The visitor’s email can be directly added to the list of preferences and bulk emails can be sent easily. This e-mail marketing tool also tracks how many people have opened the mail, whether they clicked on the link mentioned in the mail or not.


Digital Marketing and Content Writing should go hand in hand. A Digital Marketer may not be a good content writer but they need to write content and Grammarly can be a great help from basic spelling mistakes to sentence formation it shows all the errors needed to be changed to make readable content. Grammarly also offers an option called Plagiarism which alerts us if the content is matching a lot with already existing content online.


Canva is simply a tool for great posters, banners, logos, cover images, profile pictures, etc. It has copyright-free images you can edit and download in high quality. It’s simple to use with images for all occasions.


Slack is a mix of email and messenger for workspace. Here there are organized spaces for projects, teams named as different channels. It’s a much faster and quicker way to work with the whole Digital Marketing Team efficiently.


SEMRush is a complete all in one digital marketing tool providing website audit, tracking, backlinks analysis, SEO audit, help in organic traffic, keyword search, PPC cost levels, competitor analysis, image editor, link shortener, and many more. This is a paid tool but it is the best tool for Digital marketing.


Moz is the tool for rankings. This Digital Marketing Tool shows the website’s Domain Authority and a webpage’s Page Authority. It’s a score out of 100 and many factors go into scoring DA and PA. Moz also shows the number of links on a website.


Spyfu is completely for competitor analysis. Here you can list out your competitor and can get to know about the organic traffic, paid search or PPC, domain overview, competitor ad words, and PPC ad rank tracking.


This tool helps us to monitor and chat live with website visitors. It tracks the visitors on the website as in which pages they are visiting and for how much duration. We can store some automated messages.

Pagespeed insights

A website has to be user-friendly and shouldn’t take a lot of time to load. So to make sure that website speed is good we can test our site in page speed insights. This tool shows us the loading time and gives a performance score for mobile and desktop devices. 


This is a Google Chrome Extension for SEO Audit of any website we visit. This is one of the best digital marketing tools for diagnosing a website, checking internal & external links, page information like domain age, Alexa rank, Google index, Bing index, keyword density, and many more.

Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools help us big time. It has got various options and tools for everything we need in digital marketing such as text content, image editing, keywords, backlinks, website management, tracking, proxy, and domain tools. This is a tool for digital marketing which helps us at every step of it.

These were just 15 of the most important Digital Marketing Tools. If you know to know about more tools or any specific tool then comment below and let us know.

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