Automatic Backlinks Bad for SEO

By HashPro Academy

In this blog, we are going to bust the bubble and answer why automatic backlinks are bad for SEO. To know more, read till the end and get to know. 

Our life is based on what we choose. Our choices write the path of our life. Things are very much similar in everything for everyone.

To develop a website, it takes time, and SEO is a long process also. We try all the possibilities to rank on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page. Our ultimate goal is to be consistent with the rankings.

Off-Page SEO Technique

One of the Off-Page SEO techniques everyone uses is “backlinks”. There are so many ways to generate backlinks, and we have to prioritize which method works to increase our website rank. 

Generally, we link the social media platforms which usually have high Domain Authority, guest blogging backlines, directory submissions, etc. 

Automatic Backlinks

One more technique available is an automatic backlink generator, which offers us free backlines in bulk but the links are bad for the website. 

Bots generate automatic backlinks which are just bad quality of links with no page authority and which can even affect our website’s page rank. 

Google Algorithm Update Penguin

One of the important aspects of the Google Algorithm is to remove the practice of low-quality or unnatural backlinks attempting to manipulate the results. 

This update is named as Google Penguin. So if we have the low-quality backlinks, then we might take a hit in the ranking or worse. 

Google Penguin rewards high-quality websites and just the opposite to the websites which follow keyword stuffing. This update was initially launched in 2012 and has been updated over the years.

Analysis and Removal of Low-Quality Backlinks

It is important to monitor our website’s backlinks constantly. Check the backlink in detail with the help of Moz Link Explorer

So, to remove these backlinks, you first have to identify them and can use Google Search Console, which is connected with Google Analytics. Alternatively, you can use SpyFu Backlink Checker.

Automatic Backlink Checker

The best way for all Google Chrome Users is a Chrome Extension – Automatic Backlink Checker, which straight away notices all the spam links.  

Be careful with the backlinks just saying being safe at home. Comment down below for any queries.

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