Best Telugu Meme Pages for Influencer Marketing

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In this blog, we are going to share the best Telugu meme pages in 2020 for influencer marketing. Read on the whole blog and don’t be surprised. 

An average Indian spends around 2.4 hours or 150 minutes on social media every day (source). Social Media Platforms had great growth over the years, which became part and parcel of everyone’s life. 

We all have seen Influencers which are usually people promoting various products or reviewing them. But there are ‘Meme’ pages which are also into influencer marketing

These meme pages are very creative and target specific audiences also. The Telugu meme pages are highly popular among the two states and across all Telugu people in the world. They have got their original content which is the best part to connect. 

Best Telugu Meme Pages for Influencer Marketing


Fukkard is one of the best social media pages in Telugu. It’s a mix of memes, current news, Tollywood, and a lot more. It’s a perfect mix which we all need to follow and one of the best posts with a killer watermark. Their editing skills are pro-level and up to date with the current trends. Fukkard has IG, Facebook, and Twitter profiles filled with great content.


It’s an abbreviation for Comedy and Punch Dialogues Telugu. This page is a laughter riot with reference images of Telugu actors. It’s retable to every millennial and has four more social media profiles under the same umbrella but different niche. Its content is great and also has a YouTube Channel.

Babu Nuvu Btech Ah

Everyone follows this page and it’s one of the highest following Telugu meme pages with a following over 500K on Instagram. It has got its theme of black, white, yellow colors. This page can make trending news into a meme which is a good mix of knowing the facts in a fun way.

Thy View

This page is 70% of Tollywood memes/promotions/updates with 30% of the regional news. It also has a YouTube channel for its original content.

Manam Thopulu Ehe

It’s a full-on meme page that connects with Millennials and Gen Z of the Telugu states. It has got memes on current news, movies, games, tv shows, cartoons, etc.

Economic Times stated a consumer brand spends Rs 1,000 – 50,000 per Meme.

Other popular meme pages are Unprofessional Trollers, aitheyenti, lite ba, so-called cinema, etc.

These meme makers are so creative enough to not reflect their meme to be a promotion. Nobody can find out what is just a regular meme and a promotional meme. 

The amount they earn with the promotions is high and the more number of followers the more it takes for a single post. So, this is one of the most creative ways to earn money and influence the market which is all about influencer marketing. 

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