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In this blog, we have listed the best digital marketing institutes in Mumbai. So, all you people interested in digital marketing, you can choose the best here. Read on.

Digital Marketing has been one of the recent breakthroughs in the modern world, which is slowly taking over traditional advertising around the globe. The main reason to be considered is its cost-effectiveness, highly targeted, saves time and energy, and does not require a fixed huge budget. 

Having said that, this is the best time to enter the digital marketing industry. So the first step is taking training in digital marketing. Here are a few Digital Marketing Institutes in Mumbai that you can look up if you want to start your career. 

Digital Marketing Institutes in Mumbai

Freelancers Academy

Freelancers Academy is a 7-year-old academy which has been providing effective training to the students. They have an in-house Digital Marketing Agency that trains you to get hands-on experience on live projects. Their curriculum is regularly updated based on industry trends and they help the trainees to start a freelance career.

Optron Academy

Optron provides hands-on training and is specifically designed for people looking for jobs and students. They use a 100% practical approach in training with live assignments. They also help to get placements and have a 98% placement record.


Indian Institute Of Digital Education is India’s premier school for digital skills. They have trained over 15000+ students over the span of just 3 years and it is one of the fastest-growing digital institutes in India. They teach digital concepts through assignments on live brands after every module.

Learning Catalyst

Based out of Mumbai, Learning Catalyst provides top of the notch training for their students. These include digital programs that cater to wide individuals with marketing, design, and tech background. They provide one to one mentorship and task-driven learning to the students.

Operating Media

Operating Media provides a comprehensive overview of different aspects of digital media and how to integrate it to achieve business and marketing objectives. They have helped 1000s of students to become professionals in this field. All the courses are 100% practical that provide you with in-depth knowledge of all the domains. Also, you get unlimited doubt solving sessions once you complete the course.


Compufield is a computer institute in 1985 that now offers various digital marketing courses. They offer flexible training for digital marketing and another course in Mumbai. Students can schedule their own training sessions and learn at their own pace. Anyone looking to get expert training should really check out their in-depth modules that cover almost everything one needs to learn about social media and digital marketing.


EduPristine‘s Digital Marketing Course is an intensive 150+ hours program, having practical and experiential learning, covering 35 modules taught by the best of the industry trainers. The program provides hands-on exposure to 40+ Industry Must-Know tools.

With flexible self-paced learning options, it is considered an important destination for students looking to learn marketing with a network of alumni.

School of Digital Marketing

Premium School of Digital Marketing is among the list of top digital marketing institutes in Mumbai. They have 2 months of classroom training with a 1-month internship to kick start your career. They also provide  100% Placement Assistance to Job Seekers. in the last 10 years, they have taught 9000+ students and have the most affordable digital marketing course fees in Mumbai.

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Training Institute is based out in Mumbai and has 3 centers there. They have trained 6000+ students with 207+ batches. Their experts believe in giving 80% Practical modules and help students work on live projects and creating campaigns during the course. All trainers under the company are Google Certified.


DMTI offers both full time and part-time marketing courses designed for individuals who want to do more in the field of digital marketing. They are committed to helping marketers to understand the core of digital marketing and encourage them to reach their highest potential. They also provide placement opportunities to trainees and for that, they have partnered with various organizations.

Institute of Digital Marketing

This institute’s focus is on developing digital skills that impact businesses in real-time. It focuses on Industry-oriented courses, free material, expert instructors, help with career growth, and 24/7 support and more. They teach Digital marketing by working on live projects, with WRITTEN ASSURANCE of 100% job guarantee , a rare assurance indeed.

LIPS India

LIPS is Backed by an experienced team of professionals from IIT, IIM, and Industry experts. It bridges the gap between existing education frameworks and what is evolving for businesses. They understand the importance of the evolution of the internet and the increase in mobile and how organizations can benefit from this growth.

Marketing Courses Training Academy

MCTA provides comprehensive training with both theory and practical training. With a host of training notes, training videos, they provide certification for digital marketing. MCTA’s digital marketing training centers provide two distinctive programs, Master Program & Executive Program.

VDigital Marketing

VDigitalMarketing training institute is located in Andheri in the western suburbs of Mumbai. They provide a foundation course in digital marketing as well as an Advance course in digital marketing. Apart from these certifications, we also provide advanced training in SEO, SEM, Social media marketing, Google Ads PPC, Youtube Marketing. Each session is followed by a practical training session where students get the opportunity to practice the concepts they have learned.

Digital Academy India

Digital Academy India is a leading Digital Marketing training and consulting company. Over the past 2 years, they have trained more than 5,000 professionals and students across India to ensure perfect Digital Marketing career growth. Digital Academy India employs the industry leaders to provide comprehensive Digital Marketing Training.

UCC India

Delivering its training for 25 years, UCC India is now a well-recognized brand on the state and national levels. The institute has the best guiding faculty to improve and prepare its students for a bright career.

So, those were some of the best digital marketing institutes in Mumbai. Did you find this article helpful? Comment and tell us.

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List of Digital Marketing Training Institutions in Lucknow https://www.hashproacademy.com/list-of-digital-marketing-training-institutions-in-lucknow/ https://www.hashproacademy.com/list-of-digital-marketing-training-institutions-in-lucknow/#respond Thu, 12 Nov 2020 11:13:26 +0000 https://www.hashproacademy.com/?p=4239 The post List of Digital Marketing Training Institutions in Lucknow appeared first on HashPro.


In this blog, we have listed down 14 Best Digital Marketing Training Institutions in Lucknow. Read on to choose the best out of the lot.

Lucknow is the capital of the largest state in India. With the scope of digital marketing growing every day, there are a lot of digital marketing training providers in Lucknow.

If you are a student, entrepreneur, or job seeker, learning digital marketing skills has become very essential for your career. The industry demands are increasing day by day for digital marketers and get the fresher’s better pay and position. With this, you can also start your own business or earn independently.

To learn digital marketing you can check out the following institutions in Lucknow.

Digital Marketing Training Institutions in Lucknow

Digital Sanskriti

It’s a digital marketing institute in Lucknow that provides advanced courses. Their courses cover topics like Website Designing, Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing- Google Ads (SEM), Social Media Optimization & Marketing (SMO/SMM). They provide live training along with free website domain, hosting, and certifications. They provide placement support and internships.

Slide scope

Slide scope is a leading digital marketing training institute that has 25+ years of experience.  The trainers have  7+ Years of knowledge and practical experience in Digital Marketing, Branding, and Software Development. Key modules in the courses include SEO, SMO, SMM, etc which will make you proficients in all the skills needed. The courses are designed for people who are looking to start a career or upgrade themselves for the industry.

Rank Up India

Rank up India is a leading name in digital marketing training. It is a group managed by the leading IT professionals aims to provide you with best in class training on various IT platforms. They provide 6 months of live Industrial training along with many other courses.

Max Digital Academy

Max Digital Academy has been awarded among the Top 10 Most Promising Digital Marketing Training Brand 2019 in India by Silicon India. The courses they provide are instructors led by specialized mentors with full placement support. They provide online and advanced courses in SMM and dual certificate courses.

Digi Trend

Digitrend is one of the few highly rated Digital marketing institutes in Lucknow. Since they provide 100% practical training their courses are interesting and training you for live projects. Their courses are designed for job seekers, working professionals, freelancing enthusiasts, and business owners. They have also recently introduced classes + internships together a format that will transform your understanding of digital marketing.

Digi Tech 365

Digitech is a digital marketing institute for freshers that helps them to enter the industry and become professionals. They provide On Job Training to the entry-level freshers and provide them the experience they need to become future leaders. Providing courses on topics like   SEO, SMO, and website development offer the best opportunities with practical knowledge. They also provide different batches for different parts of the year. 

Fame techno lab

Fame Techno Lab was created by a team of professionals who aim to train you for the industry. The courses are designed for freshers, professionals, and anyone who wants to enter the industry. They provide specific courses for businesses that focus on scaling up. Their basics and advanced courses include SEO SMO and SEM.


Scimox is an IT  service provider in Lucknow but they also provide training in various aspects including Digital marketing.  In their Digital marketing course, they offer premium 6-month training in 50+ modules and 100+ tools. Their courses are a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge.

Escalera Technologies

Escalera Technologies is an IT training provider in Lucknow. They focus on data analytics, digital marketing, SQL, etc. Digital Marketing Training is a classroom course. With regularly updated course curriculum and professional trainers, they help you transition into the industry.

Mojo technologies

Mojo Technologies is not just a Digital marketing trainer but a service provider. They provide services like SEO, SMO, PPC, etc to their clients and they offer training to the students. Their SEO course is a 3-month advanced course. They also have packages for SMO, PPC, etc.


NIIT is a big name and they provide advanced Digital Marketing courses for undergraduates and Postgraduate programs in Digital Marketing for graduates. With the help of the courses, they help to learn the concepts of digital marketing and execute the techniques learned. They also help you to design and execute digital marketing strategies.


The Learning Institute of Internet Marketing is a digital marketing training provider in Lucknow. They have 7+ years of industry experience with a team of experts. They provide 1005 practical training that prepares you for freelance and industry work. You also get Google and Bing certificates upon completion.

Cosmo info solutions

Cosmo info solutions is a digital marketing solution provider and trainer. They provide different types of courses according to their needs. They have internship training programs, live train programs, and summer training. Their courses provide important content in the appropriate context, comprehensive assessments, and the latest tools to evaluate performance. With seamless integration into Mind-Sight, the Cosmo InfoSolutions Courses provide a multitude of ways to fulfill industry needs.


DSIM doesn’t just provide you a course. They provide you with a degree Masters in digital marketing. Their complete course is made of 4 modules in Digital Marketing Basics, analytics, affiliate marketing, and other specialized training. They also provide training on tools. Upon completion, you get 4 specialized certifications and get trained for the industry.

Learning digital marketing is not a one time task. You have to keep yourself updated and up to industry trends. You have to constantly upgrade your skill sets and practice. So, these were some of the best digital marketing institutions in Lucknow. 

If you want to read more about Digital marketing before taking the leap you can start with reading articles and gain information. You can check out our collection of write-ups on digital marketing.

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10 Quora Marketing Tips for Your Business https://www.hashproacademy.com/10-quora-marketing-tips-for-your-business/ https://www.hashproacademy.com/10-quora-marketing-tips-for-your-business/#respond Tue, 10 Nov 2020 11:14:32 +0000 https://www.hashproacademy.com/?p=4218 The post 10 Quora Marketing Tips for Your Business appeared first on HashPro.


In this blog, we are here to help you with 10 quora marketing tips for your business, and with this helps you to leverage quora for marketing.

Digital Marketing is one of the booming industries in marketing and has surpassed traditional marketing. With the world wide web, there are so many ways that the simple power of the internet can be used to market the business for absolutely Free!

Quora is one of those platforms on the internet that most people do not know how to leverage it for business.

What exactly is Quora?

Quora is essentially a Question-Answer site where people can post their questions and get answers to those questions. The answers are written by other users on quora.

Quora functions on user-generated content and a whole ecosystem works in a self-sustaining way. People can also answer, leave reviews and so much more. So how can you leverage Quora for your business?

Before that let us discuss

Why should one focus on Quora Marketing?

While Quora is not as big a platform as Twitter, Instagram, but its active user base is growing. In 2018, Quora’s monthly active user base reached 300 million, up from 200 million reported in 2017. (Source – Foundation)

A lot of people on quora like answering questions and sharing their knowledge. Quora is an excellent tool for building a brand name and gaining that trust of people. If you use the right techniques, give valuable answers to a question you can leverage Quora for your business marketing with just 10 tips. 

10 Quora Marketing Tips for Your Business

Optimize your Profile

Before you go and start answering questions, you should optimize your profile for maximum impact. This will help ensure that your answers are credible and also help to build a brand. Make sure to mention your business and website in your profile.

Few points to keep in mind while profile optimization are:-

  • Add a professional profile picture
  • Write a meaningful description with your website link 
  • Add credentials and highlights to your profile.

Add the “Knows about” Topics

This is the section that tells people what topics you know about. Adding these topics to your profile will add credibility. These are the topics on linked. Make sure you add the popular topics you know about.

Protip- Turn on the Notification for the poplar topics

Find the Best questions to answer

Just answering any question you come across will now do much for you. You have to find meaningful questions and answer them while giving value to people. Also, choose questions in your topic that get good traction.

You can check the upvotes/downvotes for this. Also, focus on answering recent questions as this will help your answer rank on top. 

Good answer Structure to make it stand out

A quora question thread will have a lot of answers on it. The trick is to make it stand out. Your answers cannot belong or too short. Find a sweet spot. Few things you can do to make it stand out are:

  • Add a Headline to your answer
  • Add a relevant image to your answer
  • Answer the question in a nutshell first and then explain it afterward.
  • Use Bold Formatting
  • Give data to back up the answer

Read on – How to write answers on Quora.

Decide the aim of each answer and add a suitable CTA

Each answer you write should have an aim. Ask how will answering this question help your brand. This will help you to decide a proper CTA for the answer. CTA – call to action, is what you ask the reader to do at the end of the answer. If you want to redirect then to a site, landing page, or just simply upvote the answer, just add the CTA.

Read on – How to write a CTA

Create a Business page for your Brand

You can create a Business Page by creating a topic for your business. This will give you the opportunity to put your business out there. To do this just have to “Add Question” box and click the link to “Create Topic.”

This gives you the option to name the topic and add a brief description.

Promote your answer

Your answer becomes more and more credible with the number of upvotes it gets. However, getting more upvotes needs some work. One way to do so is by sharing your answer on various platforms and getting people to notice it. You can drop the link to answers on Facebook groups or any other messenger groups. The idea is to promote the answer.

Check the statistics

Statistics are important when it comes to Internet marketing. Keeping a track of your hard work will help you check if it was worth it. So make sure that you check your quora analytics.

Quora provides free analytics for all users, showing you a detailed breakdown of the following:

  • Views
  • Upvotes
  • Shares

Also, read – Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics.

Get crowd sourced content and customer reviews

Quora can even help you to create content. Just imagine posting a relevant question and getting a bunch of answers to it. All this content can be used later in a blog post and help you write content with real stories and great content. You can even ask people for reviews on certain products or services and get an honest opinion. 

Just don’t forget to give due credit and make sure you mention people. 

Find Blog topics for future posts

Quora not only helps you to get good content but it also helps you to generate trending content ideas. People ask a lot of questions on Quora and they are searching for answers to these questions. If you write blog posts that answer those questions you will get good traction on it.

Learn More about Off-Page SEO

In all, Quora is a great tool you can leverage for easy marketing on the internet. All you need is a good strategy. Include Quora in your overall Digital Marketing strategy to unlock its powers. 

Start by optimizing your profile and creating topics for your business. Answer relevant questions and do not forget to provide a CTA. Also, make your answer stand out. There are many other ways to leverage quora but all of that is out of the scope of this post.

What is your favorite feature of quora? Comment below!

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Top 15 Digital Marketing Institutions in Jaipur https://www.hashproacademy.com/top-15-digital-marketing-institutions-in-jaipur/ https://www.hashproacademy.com/top-15-digital-marketing-institutions-in-jaipur/#respond Sat, 07 Nov 2020 11:09:24 +0000 https://www.hashproacademy.com/?p=4209 The post Top 15 Digital Marketing Institutions in Jaipur appeared first on HashPro.


In this blog, we have listed down the top 15 digital marketing institutions in Jaipur. If you are from Jaipur & searching then read know to choose the best.

The landscape of digital marketing is changing rapidly and that is why it is important to keep up to date. Digital marketing is not just essential for corporations but even for someone who wants to work alone and provide freelance services. It doesn’t matter what you do, you will need to learn the basics of digital marketing. 

So if you are looking to do that, 

We have prepared a list of the top 15 Digital marketing institutions in Jaipur.

Digital Marketing Institutions in Jaipur

Zeetron Network

Zeetron Network offers job-oriented IT Training and Internship Program in Jaipur.  The Course Duration is of 3- 6 Months.  As they say on their website, their specialty is thinking outside the box and our approach is looking at IT from a business perspective. They provide training in many domains like python, machine learning java, and much more including digital marketing.


DZone provides a comprehensive digital marketing course for its students. On completion, you get a certification in online marketing and can start your own start-up or can join an adequate JOB. Their curriculum integrated with Case studies, Projects, and real-time implementation on live websites. Training is also available for freshers, job seekers, executives, and college students.

City Tamasha Academy

City Tamasha is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Jaipur that provides Website designing and other designing services too. CT Academy is well-known for offering services with the main intention of developing industry-ready professionals in digital marketing. Their advanced digital marketing course has 35+ modules along with placement support.


Digilearning is an advanced digital marketing institute in Jaipur and they provide advanced digital marketing courses. Their course is 3 months long with 100% practical sessions. They also provide you with free career counseling. Their training is result-oriented with 100% placement assistance.

Quibus Training

Quibus Training provides an integrated 4-month digital marketing training. Their course is based on case studies, group studies, and live examples. Upon completion of the course, you get a certification in Google ads, Facebook Marketing, SEO, email marketing, inbound marketing, and content marketing.

Brosis technologies

Brosis is a digital marketing service provider and trainer in Jaipur. They provide Digital marketing, mobile marketing, and branding solutions for companies and digital marketing courses for people who want to start a career in digital marketing. They have advanced and Corporate Modules for SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing with the best training. Also, they provide 16 Certifications with 100% Placement Assistant in Jaipur.

Career Bucket

Career Bucket is a digital marketing institute in Jaipur that provides courses related to digital marketing to young candidates. It is an online course that helps people gain skills that will boost their proficiency in a particular field. Hence, it has a team of professional instructors. They provide skill-based courses that will enhance your capabilities and help to attain an appropriate job. They provide courses in web designing, digital marketing, web development, and graphic designing.


Technoglobe is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing training in Jaipur where you learn from the beginning and advanced fundamentals of digital marketing course such as search engine optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media, Conversion Optimization, etc. After successfully completing your digital marketing course, you will get MSME (Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) level certification of digital marketing. They also offer you the most accredited jobs in Jaipur for the Digital marketing field.

Jaipur School of Digital Marketing

JSDM is one of the fastest-growing Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur. With their exceptional placement record, they have become the most reliable and trusted place to learn digital marketing for job seekers, professionals, and business owners. They provide in-house technical support as complimentary hosting and domain for practice and deliver the backup class facility that can cover up for their missed module.

SEO Training Classes

SEO Training Classes in Jaipur’s leading Digital Marketing training institute. Since 2014, they have trained over 99+ professionals (including CEOs, CMOs, COOs) from 25+ startups brands. Their digital marketing course consists of modules like web analytics, SEM, SEO, E-commerce selling. They provide over 12 certifications with 450+ live projects and tasks.

Digital GuruCool

Based in Jaipur, Digital GuruCool is a leading digital marketing institute. Their courses help a student to get industry-ready. Their courses have 22 modules and they also provide you with a free website to do live projects on. They provide training on live tools. Upon completion of the course, they also give internship opportunities.

Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya is a global leader in digital media marketing and data science training.  They have trained 5800+ batches across 55+ countries. Having 10+ years of experience they provide training for corporates and students.

Digital Padhai

Digital Padhai is one of the best institutes for digital marketing courses. Their mission is to create a world of Digital marketers. Providing good quality job-based education to students, job seekers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers covering 10 Advertising Channels like Adword, Bing, Yahoo Gemini, etc. their course has more than 100 modules of digital marketing. They provide In-class training delivered in Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Udaipur, and Gwalior. Instructor-led live online classes delivered worldwide.

The DMI Jaipur

Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur, is a regional leader and provides professional training in Internet marketing that is widely taught in the digital marketing world. The Training sessions are divided into 90 sessions. Each module and course structure is developed by DMI’s expert panel, which leverages your online marketing skills. DMI’s digital marketing course will assist you with the skills that will help you to successfully manage the Digital Marketing Strategies in real-time.  Periodic tests are also conducted to evaluate students’ performance and develop their professional skills.


SSIM is a comprehensive Digital Marketing Institute sited at Jaipur, Rajasthan. They not only focus on creating employment opportunities for our students but also guarantee 100% placement after completing the curriculum. Their experienced career counselors are experts in catering to your queries and lend you a hand in gaining experience in working on live industrial projects. As of now they have trained 550+ students and provided them with the best careers.

Digital marketing is gaining momentum by each passing day. As more and more people are getting online, the opportunities for digital marketers are immense. So if you are looking forward to starting your career in digital marketing, check out the institutes provided.

You can also check out the courses we provide at HashPro Academy here

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List of Digital Marketing Institutions in Chennai https://www.hashproacademy.com/list-of-digital-marketing-institutions-in-chennai/ https://www.hashproacademy.com/list-of-digital-marketing-institutions-in-chennai/#respond Fri, 06 Nov 2020 11:42:34 +0000 https://www.hashproacademy.com/?p=4200 The post List of Digital Marketing Institutions in Chennai appeared first on HashPro.


In this article, we have mentioned the 17 best Digital Marketing Institutions in Chennai. Read on and choose the best one for yourself.

The scope of digital marketing in growing a business can not be overlooked. With spending the majority of their time on the internet and social media, Companies are eager to promote their businesses online. This makes Digital marketing one of the fastest-growing industries.

The first step in entering this industry is completing a course or training in digital marketing from a good institute. Here is a list of the best digital marketing institutions in Chennai:-

Digital Marketing Institutions in Chennai

FITA academy

FITA Academy is one of the best institutes in Chennai. They provide Digital marketing training along with other courses in programming languages and artificial intelligence. They provide Expertly designed Digital Marketing Course modules to meet the global industry requirements. Trainees are trained by real-time experts at affordable prices.


SKARTEC is among the best institutes to provide digital marketing courses Their curriculum is made of 100+hours of expert-led immersive and hands-on learning. The course includes SEM, SMM, email marketing growth hacking, and much more.

Digital Scholar

Digital Scholar started in Chennai in 2019 as an extension of echoVME (Social Media & Digital Marketing Agency). They build customized teaching patterns that suit the needs of Students, Corporate Professionals, and Entrepreneurs. Every batch has not more than 30 students. The curriculum is on par with the global standards of digital marketing professionals.

Read on – Best Off-Page SEO Techniques 


DMC (Digital Marketing Courses) offers professional training programs in the online marketing field. They help you become an expert in just 45 days. This digital marketing course will guide you to plan, manage, and execute digital marketing campaigns that generate leads and sales for your business. They teach you how to use digital tools and techniques effectively to make a successful campaign.

Digital Academy 360

Awarded as the best institute Digital Academy 360 has trained 20000+ students so far. Across India, they have 10+ Centers. Known for their Quality and placements they are rated 4.9/5. They also provide placements to the trainees for which they have 250+ Hiring Partners.

ESearch Advisors

Esearch advisors are digital marketing training and service companies. They provide digital marketing services for companies and training for students. Their training with a practical program is best for people who are seeking jobs or trying to start their own business. they provide courses on SEO, PPC, SMO. They provide placement assistance to the trainees


Classdemy provides digital marketing training to students along with career guidance. they have been teaching students for 8+ years. Their curriculum consists of 90+hours of training sessions with industry certified syllabus. They conduct an exam at the end, clearing which a trainee is provided with a certificate.


DIGIPERFORM‘s curriculum is built on endorsements & suggestions from over 450 corporates across Asia, Through 24*7 interactive LMS with PPTs, Videos, Assignments, Case Studies & Quizzes along with a progress tracker they provided you with extensive training. They also provide placement support and have placed 16,636 students so far.

Digital marketing Courses (DMC)

Digital Marketing Courses (DMC) offers 45-day courses as professional training programs that help you excel in the field of Online Marketing. Specifically, in Chennai, the training offers the ability to learn to plan, manage, and execute internet marketing campaigns. This, in turn, helps organizations generate leads and sales. The courses also teach the use of digital tools and techniques.


echoVME provides digital marketing training for students curating the best digital strategies for businesses They offer Social Media Marketing services & customized training programs for corporates, students, faculties, marketing managers, CEOs, etc. echoVME also offers Digital Marketing Training, Personal Branding on Social Media Training, Social Media for Journalists.


Infinix’s services include Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimizations, Social Media Marketing, App Development, and Web Development. Given their experience in the area, they also undertake training in Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, and Social Media. They also provide branding and marketing services.

Nobel prog

Noble Prog, founded in 2005, offer a range of training on different topics including artificial intelligence, management, IT, statistics, and programming. Founded in Portland, they conduct training sessions across the world, including Chennai.

NIIT Imperia

NIIT Imperia is a center for advanced learning for professionals to be able to learn special skills. They also have tie-ups with the best institutes and organizations to provide cutting-edge education. With a footprint in over 30 countries, NIIT offers training and development solutions to Individuals, Enterprises, and Institutions.


The core team at TOSS the COIN is a bunch of enthusiasts who are hard-wired to deliver results. A social media consultant, Toss conducts many workshops and training in Social Media. They conduct courses in digital marketing.

7 Pixelz

7PIXELZ is a software development & training firm based out of Chennai. Though their primary focus is on websites and web application development, they also focus on digital marketing and SEO training. The course duration is a total of 40 hours. Their courses will be beneficial for freshers seeking a new career as well as professionals looking for a career change.

Metaforum Technologies

Metaforum Technologies is a fast-growing IT Training and Skill Development Company. They offer Instructor-Led Online Courses and Class Room Training Courses( in Vadapalani, Chennai). They run flexible classes for their students and courses also include mock interviews, projects, and assignments making the entire program a good mix of theory and practice.

Advertising Club Madras

Advertising Club Madras offers a 6-month Post Graduate Diploma Course in Advertising Management, ideal for interested students and working professionals. This is a career-oriented course that focuses on the application of theoretical knowledge through hands-on experience.

This is the best time to learn digital marketing and enter the industry. 

If you want to do an online course in digital marketing you can also check out digital marketing courses by Hashpro Academy.


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List of Digital Marketing Institutes in Hyderabad https://www.hashproacademy.com/list-of-digital-marketing-institutes-in-hyderabad/ https://www.hashproacademy.com/list-of-digital-marketing-institutes-in-hyderabad/#respond Wed, 04 Nov 2020 12:51:54 +0000 https://www.hashproacademy.com/?p=4191 In this blog, we have listed down some of the best digital marketing institutes in Hyderabad for you to make it easy to choose. Read on to know more. “Marketers...

The post List of Digital Marketing Institutes in Hyderabad appeared first on HashPro.

In this blog, we have listed down some of the best digital marketing institutes in Hyderabad for you to make it easy to choose. Read on to know more.

“Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale.” – Chris Brogan, Chief Executive Officer of Owner Media Group. The future of Marketing is Digital, and rightly so. Almost 4.57 billion people were active internet users as of July 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population. (Source – Statista)

Now marketers are focusing on digital platforms to market the products. It has led to a boom in the Digital marketing industry, and people want to upskill themselves in the field. A lot of Digital Marketing Institutes have opened up across the country to help in spreading knowledge. Here is a list of digital marketing institutes in Hyderabad.

List of Digital Marketing Institutes in Hyderabad

Ace Web Academy

Ace Web Academy is one of the advanced digital marketing institutes in Hyderabad. Certified by companies like Google and Facebook, they provide complete digital marketing training within 12 weeks. Other than digital marketing, they have courses like android development, web development, and many more.

Digital Nest 

Digital Nest is an award-winning Digital Marketing, Big Data & Data Science course training Institute in Hyderabad. It’s Training Institutes are spread across Hyderabad in Madhapur, Punjagutta, and Ameerpet. They offer certification courses to Professionals, Small Business Owners, Freelancers, and Students on Digital Marketing, Big Data Analytics, and Data Science courses in Hyderabad. The curriculum is designed by real-time industry experts keeping the latest updates in point of view. 

Hashpro Academy

Another reputed Institution in Hyderabad is the Hashpro Academy. It provides great support to trainees with learning and thinking differences. The trainees are guided through various digital marketing skills with a highly experienced and certified tutor. They also get specialized help from the organization, time management, note-taking, and developing a successful routine. 


Digiperform is a trusted Brand in digital education. They have trained 20,000+ students as of now with 600+batches. They also provide placement opportunities to the trainees. Their program is tool-based and provides practical training in Digital Marketing.

Digital Ready 

Digital Ready is an Institute in Hyderabad that provides Internships and placements along with certified training for Digital Marketing. They provide global certification with 100% placement. With 100+ batches they have trained many students. They have a 3-month training course.


Lemonoids is a verified Digital marketing institute in Hyderabad. They provide placement opportunities to the students along with 12+ certifications. Their digital marketing course includes topics like Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and many more. 

Digital Marketing Course includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM – Google Ads), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing.

Social Prachar

Social Prachar is one of Hyderabad’s best data science and digital marketing institutes. They have trained over 5000 students. Being job oriented and provide 100% placement assistance to the students. They have certified trainers with advanced curriculums. 

Digital Marketing Trainer

Digital Marketing Trainer is a live interactive, online trainer in digital marketing. They provide a 100% paid internship and training. With a practice-based approach, they provide classroom and online training with 20+ certifications.

Digital Vidya

Established in 2009, this institute is a global leader in data science and digital marketing. The practical programs with 140+ hours of assignments make the course interesting. Students are trained using case studies and offered 100% placement assistance.

Digital Brolly

Digital Brolly institute is a leading digital marketing institute in Hyderabad that provides job assistance too. They offer a complete 2-month Digital Marketing Training with real-time digital marketing project exposure. They provide paid Internships on Real-Time Digital Projects to help you understand the work environment and real-time project exposure with an Experience Certificate.


Delhi School of Internet Marketing has opened a center in Hyderabad and is a digital marketing training provider. They provide advanced masters in digital marketing. Their main course is composed of 31 modules. Along with digital marketing, they teach you how to make money online with the help of it. 

Digital floats

Digital Floats is a reputed institute in Hyderabad. They have faculty with 10 + years of experience that gives maximum knowledge to the students. Their excellence is built in terms of real-time industry knowledge as well as a well developed 12 years of experience. They also give 100% Placement Assistance, along with lifetime access.

Naresh IT

Naresh IT is a fast-emerging Digital Marketing Training Institute. They offer classroom training and the expert trainers teaching here make you an expert digital marketing enthusiast. They also provide guaranteed placement for the trainees with proper assistance. Along with regular workshops and project training for the trainees. 

Hyderabad digital marketing

Hyderabad Digital Marketing is an upcoming top Digital Marketing Training Institute and it gives the best services to the business. It concentrates the vision of building up to give more knowledge for the students for getting a good job. They also provide practical training to the trainees with Digital Marketing and SEO courses. 

Web trainer academy

Web Training Academy is a trusted digital marketing training institute in Hyderabad, India. Established when digital marketing and internet technologies were in the early stages in India. The institution has 12+ years of experience, they have trained over 5500+ students. They offer specialized skill-based practical programs in SEO training, Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing, and Web Designing courses. The courses are designed for students, working professionals, and entrepreneurs. 

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Hope the article was helpful to find your perfect choice of Digital Marketing Institution in Hyderabad. For any queries comment down below and let us know.

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15 Best Digital Marketing Tools To Simplify Your Work https://www.hashproacademy.com/15-best-digital-marketing-tools-to-simplify-your-work/ https://www.hashproacademy.com/15-best-digital-marketing-tools-to-simplify-your-work/#respond Thu, 29 Oct 2020 13:28:26 +0000 https://www.hashproacademy.com/?p=4179 The post 15 Best Digital Marketing Tools To Simplify Your Work appeared first on HashPro.


Technology makes everything easy isn’t that correct? Well if you are in the Digital World completely then you always have to make things a little bit less complicated. Time is money so if you are in the Digital Marketing Industry you need some Digital Marketing Tools at every stage.

Digital Marketing Tools required at various works

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool for a complete analysis of a website. The tracking code should be inserted in the header section of the entire website HTML code and this will help to know how much time a visitor stayed on the website and what pages the visitor is visiting.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a tool in Google Ad words to search for keywords with volume range, competition level, highest bid, lowest bid amount. This Digital Marketing Tool helps us in choosing the correct set of keywords for our ads, websites which can generate traffic.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is used for crawling and indexing our website. We can request Google to crawl our website and start indexing to get a ranking in the Search Engine Results Page. The website sitemap has to be uploaded which includes entire website URLs to make it easy.


Word press is the website development tool which has themes for the websites based on various topics. Word press is for everyone who doesn’t know to code to make a website. All the coding part is done by word press and also, provides various kinds of plug-ins for additional help. The word press theme can be easily customized by the Elementor.

Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp is extremely helpful for email marketing. It has free and paid version services with readymade templates that are easy to edit. The visitor’s email can be directly added to the list of preferences and bulk emails can be sent easily. This e-mail marketing tool also tracks how many people have opened the mail, whether they clicked on the link mentioned in the mail or not.


Digital Marketing and Content Writing should go hand in hand. A Digital Marketer may not be a good content writer but they need to write content and Grammarly can be a great help from basic spelling mistakes to sentence formation it shows all the errors needed to be changed to make readable content. Grammarly also offers an option called Plagiarism which alerts us if the content is matching a lot with already existing content online.


Canva is simply a tool for great posters, banners, logos, cover images, profile pictures, etc. It has copyright-free images you can edit and download in high quality. It’s simple to use with images for all occasions.


Slack is a mix of email and messenger for workspace. Here there are organized spaces for projects, teams named as different channels. It’s a much faster and quicker way to work with the whole Digital Marketing Team efficiently.


SEMRush is a complete all in one digital marketing tool providing website audit, tracking, backlinks analysis, SEO audit, help in organic traffic, keyword search, PPC cost levels, competitor analysis, image editor, link shortener, and many more. This is a paid tool but it is the best tool for Digital marketing.


Moz is the tool for rankings. This Digital Marketing Tool shows the website’s Domain Authority and a webpage’s Page Authority. It’s a score out of 100 and many factors go into scoring DA and PA. Moz also shows the number of links on a website.


Spyfu is completely for competitor analysis. Here you can list out your competitor and can get to know about the organic traffic, paid search or PPC, domain overview, competitor ad words, and PPC ad rank tracking.


This tool helps us to monitor and chat live with website visitors. It tracks the visitors on the website as in which pages they are visiting and for how much duration. We can store some automated messages.

Pagespeed insights

A website has to be user-friendly and shouldn’t take a lot of time to load. So to make sure that website speed is good we can test our site in page speed insights. This tool shows us the loading time and gives a performance score for mobile and desktop devices. 


This is a Google Chrome Extension for SEO Audit of any website we visit. This is one of the best digital marketing tools for diagnosing a website, checking internal & external links, page information like domain age, Alexa rank, Google index, Bing index, keyword density, and many more.

Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools help us big time. It has got various options and tools for everything we need in digital marketing such as text content, image editing, keywords, backlinks, website management, tracking, proxy, and domain tools. This is a tool for digital marketing which helps us at every step of it.

These were just 15 of the most important Digital Marketing Tools. If you know to know about more tools or any specific tool then comment below and let us know.

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How to Scale Your Business Using Affiliate Marketing? https://www.hashproacademy.com/how-to-scale-your-business-using-affiliate-marketing/ https://www.hashproacademy.com/how-to-scale-your-business-using-affiliate-marketing/#respond Wed, 28 Oct 2020 12:40:09 +0000 https://www.hashproacademy.com/?p=4146 The post How to Scale Your Business Using Affiliate Marketing? appeared first on HashPro.


With business getting an online presence, Affiliate Marketing is all the rage nowadays. Businesses are using Affiliate Marketing to scale-up and people are getting into affiliate marketing as a side hustle.

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

In the simplest of terms, affiliate marketing is the process of paying a commission to customers whenever they bring in new customers to your business. It’s a win/win/win scenario: You earn a new customer; the referring customer gets paid.

If you are a business who is looking to Scale-up, starting an affiliate program will increase your reach by manyfold. Affiliate programs contribute 30% of revenue for the companies.

Your existing happy customers will be happy to refer you and earn some Commission. If you are someone who is exploring affiliate marketing as a side hustle, here is good news.

About 48.36% of affiliate marketers are earning k per year while only 3% are earning over 0k per year.   ~ Akshay Hulllar, BloggingX (Source)

Affiliate marketing For Scaling Existing Business

We have established that having an affiliate program for your products can increase your reach. The question is how to set up an optimized Affiliate Program?


Optimize your Sales Funnel

Before you begin focusing on developing your affiliate program, you should already have a fully-functional sales Funnel in place. Your affiliate’s “job” is simply to point new prospects toward your brand and its products; it’s still your job to seal the deal. Long story short, you should have your landing pages, checkout page, unselling or down selling strategies, and follow up strategies defined. Set up an email campaign with our course


Create an affiliate program or use an affiliate network

To launch your program, you can either create a System and program from scratch or Utilize an affiliate network to help you get moving.

Your own affiliate program gives you more control over your network. However, having complete control over the program means you have to seek out affiliates on your own, collect affiliate-related data on your own, ensure your affiliates are adhering to your terms on your own.

Another option is to use an affiliate network like Rakuten, four percent, etc. Finding affiliated→ Check out here.


Setting Goals

Before you start getting affiliates you should have a proper vision of your program. Your specific goals will determine how you approach your business. This will help you to decide –

  • How much commission do you decide to payout?
  • Who, exactly, to target as an affiliate?
  • What you’ll come to expect from your affiliates in terms of performance

Collecting data and constantly improving

Once you have started your program and have some affiliates you need to keep collecting data and insights. Maybe a particular strategy is not working in your affiliate program, or some strategy is backfiring. Collecting that data will enable you to optimize your program.

Keep a close eye on exactly what’s going well within your affiliate program—as well as where you might be able to improve.


If you are not using affiliate marketing in your business to scale up, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. In case you have started with your affiliate program, Start applying the optimization and scaling techniques to your own campaigns.

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In the end, remember to stay patient while you learn what works best. What are your Views on Affiliate Marketing and have you set up an affiliate network for your business? Let us know in the comments below.

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Google Analytics For Beginners – Introduction and Setup https://www.hashproacademy.com/google-analytics-beginners-guide-introduction-and-setup/ https://www.hashproacademy.com/google-analytics-beginners-guide-introduction-and-setup/#respond Mon, 26 Oct 2020 10:06:49 +0000 https://www.hashproacademy.com/?p=4136 The post Google Analytics For Beginners – Introduction and Setup appeared first on HashPro.


In this blog, we are explaining Google Analytics for Beginners. Read on for the introduction and setup of the account.

You have set up your website and things have started up, but what now? Tracking your progress is an important part of moving forward. That is where Google Analytics comes into play.

What is Google Analytics?

As the name suggests it is a tool by Google that gives you analytics about your Website and other ‘Properties’ in the digital world.

What information does Google analytics provide you?

  • Amount of traffic your site gets overall
  • The websites your traffic came from
  • Individual page traffic
  • Amount of leads converted
  • The websites your leads came from
  • Demographic information of visitors (e.g. where they live)
  • Whether your traffic comes from mobile or desktop

It doesn’t matter if you are a business, a freelancer, or just a blogger, google analytics is important for you.

So how to start up with google analytics?

Google Analytics Setup for Beginners

Step 1:- Set up an analytics account and get tracking code

Click here – when you will open the link you will go to Google Analytics. Sign in with your Google Account and if you don’t have one, make an account for yourself.

Once you’ve started the Google Analytics sign-up process, Google will ask for some basic info about your site including website name, URL, and country. After this, it will take you to Google Analytics Tracking Code.

The Global Site Tag is what you’re looking for. That’s the code that will run all the tracking stuff on your site as soon as it’s installed. Also, note the Tracking ID.

Step 2:  Install Tracking Code on your Site

Now you have the tracking code. The next step is to install it on your website. You have to put the tracking code on every page of your website. This is to be done on the code side of your website.

  1. Copy and paste the tracking code to either the header or the footer file of your website.
  2. If you are adding the tracking code to the header file, make sure the code is contained before the closing </head> tag.

Step 3: Start using the platform for tracking progress

Now that the tracking code is installed, you need to start regularly keeping a track of visitors to your website. Analyze the source of the visitors and their activities.

This will also help you to optimize your content and strategies in the future.

Set up views

Google Analytics allows you to set up your reports so you only see the data and metrics that matter to you through “views.” Google Analytics gives you an unfiltered view of each website in your account. However, you can set it up so you only get the data you want to see.

Check out the Google Analytics Tutorial.

Protip- Connect Google Analytics to Google Search Console. It is a sister tool of google analytics and provides valuable metrics on your site.

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Using google analytics optimally is important to get a bird’s-eye view of your site. So, you should invest some time and effort to learn google analytics in detail.

Want to learn Google Analytics in detail? Learn google analytics here.

So, that’s Google Analytics for Beginners Introduction and Setup. If you found it helpful comment below and tell us what more you want to learn.

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Google Ads vs Facebook Ads – Which is Better for Your Business? https://www.hashproacademy.com/google-ads-vs-facebook-ads-which-is-better-for-your-business/ https://www.hashproacademy.com/google-ads-vs-facebook-ads-which-is-better-for-your-business/#respond Wed, 21 Oct 2020 12:13:56 +0000 https://www.hashproacademy.com/?p=4125 The post Google Ads vs Facebook Ads – Which is Better for Your Business? appeared first on HashPro.


In this blog, we are comparing two big platforms of advertising – Google Ads vs Facebook Ads. Read on for comparison.

Facebook and Google are two internet giants that are pitted against each other.

Both of them have a huge number of daily active users.

During the second quarter of 2020, Facebook reported almost 1.79 billion daily active users.

It is estimated Google processes approximately 70,000 search queries every second, translating to 5.8 billion searches per day.

Naturally, Marketers want to leverage the advertising services provided by these platforms. However, they are divided when it comes to choosing between Facebook ads and Google AdWords.

Before we discuss which platform is best to use, let us understand the differences between the Ad services of both platforms. 

Google Adwords

Google Ads has now become synonyms with “paid search”. It is the world’s Largest PPC platform.

The paid search focuses on the targeting of keywords and the use of text-based advertisements. Advertisers use AdWords to bid on keywords in the hopes that their ads will be displayed alongside search results for these queries.

Each time a user clicks on an ad, the advertiser is charged a certain amount of money.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads. is what is known as “paid social”.

Unlike paid search, which helps businesses find new customers via keywords, paid social helps users find businesses based on the things they’re interested in and the ways in which they behave online.

This is done by using Targeting Filters while setting Facebook ads campaigns.

They select the target as what is known as a “lookalike audience”.

To simply put it

AdWords helps you find new customers, while Facebook helps new customers find you.

Which Platform is better? – Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

Let’s have a comparison of the two platforms


As mentioned both the platforms have a massive audience and your target audience is on both of these platforms. So you can’t determine the right fit for your business on audience size alone.

Instead, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my target audience active on these networks?
  • Is my product search-oriented or social?

ROI and Cost

While Setting up ads. campaigns RoI is a huge consideration. While Google has a huge Daily active user, Facebook ads. are a lot cheaper than google ads.

Thanks to Targeting Options ROI on Facebook ads can be pretty high.

Although average CPC is typically more expensive on Google Ads, keep in mind that the people clicking your ads maybe later in the buying cycle. Facebook is great for building awareness, although Google Ads can often be better at reaching users at the time of their purchase decision.

To add to google Adwords the Cost per click can change depending on the industry to which the keywords belong. 

Targeting options

Both the Platforms Provide you with advanced targeting options for your audience based on their profile. 

However, Facebook is a clear winner in this segment.

Facebook allows you to create audiences based on a large list of interests and behaviours, thanks to the wealth of information they collect from their 2.6 billion monthly active users.


Choosing the right platform for your business is not as straightforward. 

The best platform will depend on your industry, business type, products and other factors.

Both Google Ads. and Facebook ads. can work wonders for your business.

So rather than viewing these platforms as competitors and consider them as supplements of each other. Ude both of these to your advantage based on the features they offer. 

Which platform do you prefer to use more and why?

Let us know in the comments below.

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