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Learn the best ways to reach your audience through Google ads and also gain knowledge to analyse them better to optimize better.

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HashPro is one of the fastest growing Digital Marketing Institute in Hyderabad, located in Himayatnagar. There is a huge gap between what the Industry wants and what is being taught by institutes and this laid a strong foundation to teach and train students both theoretically and practically. We transform students and make them Industry ready by the end of Digital Marketing course.

HashPro has been named as one of the top 3 best Digital Marketing institutes in Himayatnagar and top 5 best Digital Marketing academies in Hyderabad. We are proud to say that HashPro is the only academy to provide Advanced and Master level coaching in Digital Marketing in the entire Hyderabad.


Learning Ad set up is simple but when it comes to execution logical thinking and analysis is much needed.

Website Analytics

Building a website isn’t enough. Analyzing and measuring how it is performing from time to time is essential to optimize the website. We teach students the importance of analysis.


What are Google Ads

A platform to advertise online in different formats on Google Search and Display Network. We make sure students learn to create the best and creative ads like a pro.   


Ad Set -Up

Setting up an Ad requires a lot of research and need to have the ability to choose the right options as per the goal required. Choosing the correct format with the accurate target audience is the key element in our teaching.


Bidding Strategies

Ads run on specific budgets. Knowing which biding strategy to choose for the ad can save a lot of money with a great number of results. We are here to teach the real-time practical experiences to the students. 


Keyword prioritization

Keyword Research is the key to Digital Marketing, and prioritizing them is the next step of the strategy. We teach the students how to prioritize and where to implement them in the right way.


integration of analytics in website

To know all the insights of a website, integrating google analytics on the website is a solution. We let our students know all the in-depth analysis and features to get to know the results. 


Tools & Analytics

Every aspect of Digital Marketing requires certain tools that help in different ways. What are those tools and how it works to excel in Digital Marketing is essential. 


Goals & Funnels

Running Google ads for the target audience with a certain goal helps in converting them from audience to customer. Teaching the funnel from reaching to converting the people is a process we focus on. 



Running Google ads for the target audience with a certain goal helps in converting them from prospective to customer. Teaching the funnel from reaching our audience to converting them as customers is a process we focus on.

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