Google Analytics for Beginners Introduction and Setup

In this blog, we are explaining Google Analytics for Beginners. Read on for the introduction and setup of the account.

In this blog, we are explaining Google Analytics for Beginners. Read on for the introduction and setup of the account.

You have set up your website and things have started up, but what now? Tracking your progress is an important part of moving forward. That is where Google Analytics comes into play.

What is Google Analytics?

As the name suggests it is a tool by Google that gives you analytics about your Website and other ‘Properties’ in the digital world.

What information does Google analytics provide you?

  • Amount of traffic your site gets overall
  • The websites your traffic came from
  • Individual page traffic
  • Amount of leads converted
  • The websites your leads came from
  • Demographic information of visitors (e.g. where they live)
  • Whether your traffic comes from mobile or desktop

It doesn’t matter if you are a business, a freelancer, or just a blogger, google analytics is important for you.

So how to start up with google analytics?

Google Analytics Setup for Beginners

Step 1:- Set up an analytics account and get tracking code

Click here – when you will open the link you will go to Google Analytics. Sign in with your Google Account and if you don’t have one, make an account for yourself.

Once you’ve started the Google Analytics sign-up process, Google will ask for some basic info about your site including website name, URL, and country. After this, it will take you to Google Analytics Tracking Code.

The Global Site Tag is what you’re looking for. That’s the code that will run all the tracking stuff on your site as soon as it’s installed. Also, note the Tracking ID.

Step 2:  Install Tracking Code on your Site

Now you have the tracking code. The next step is to install it on your website. You have to put the tracking code on every page of your website. This is to be done on the code side of your website.

  1. Copy and paste the tracking code to either the header or the footer file of your website.
  2. If you are adding the tracking code to the header file, make sure the code is contained before the closing </head> tag.

Step 3: Start using the platform for tracking progress

Now that the tracking code is installed, you need to start regularly keeping a track of visitors to your website. Analyze the source of the visitors and their activities.

This will also help you to optimize your content and strategies in the future.

Set up views

Google Analytics allows you to set up your reports so you only see the data and metrics that matter to you through “views.” Google Analytics gives you an unfiltered view of each website in your account. However, you can set it up so you only get the data you want to see.

Check out the Google Analytics Tutorial.

Protip- Connect Google Analytics to Google Search Console. It is a sister tool of google analytics and provides valuable metrics on your site.

Also, read- Off-page SEO techniques

Using google analytics optimally is important to get a bird’s-eye view of your site. So, you should invest some time and effort to learn google analytics in detail.

Want to learn Google Analytics in detail? Learn google analytics here.

So, that’s Google Analytics for Beginners Introduction and Setup. If you found it helpful comment below and tell us what more you want to learn.

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