Google Broad Core Algorithm Update 2020

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In this blog, we are going to explain the recent Google Broad Core Algorithm Update May 2020. It is the second core update of the year; the first update rolled out in January. 

Google is the biggest search engine of all time; there is no doubt about it. We can search for anything and get relevant results on the first page itself. We don’t even visit the second page of the results. 

Google Core Algorithm

Google keeps updating the Core Algorithm to provide the best and relevant results to its users. The core algorithm of google is the rankings, i.e. Google crawls all the webpages and gives a ranking to it on the Search Engine Results Page based on the relevancy of the search term. 

Google Broad Core Algorithm Update 2020

In the first week of May, Google announced a broad core algorithm update which is regular but this time it has been on the news for the spike it made. 

Whenever the core update is rolled out, the rankings will be volatile. It is also called as SERP Volatility because of the notable effects and sudden change of rankings. You can check this Volatility on SEMrush.

This time around the volatility was high, during the dates 5th, 6th, and 7th May, which is immediately after the update rolled out. There were huge ups and downs in the rankings. 

Moz states that it’s recorded 113 Degrees on Temperature Sale of Core Updates.

Google Broad Core Algorithm Update 2020 Explained

Focus on Content for Stability

So, to keep up with the rankings and make sure our website doesn’t get affected during these updates, we should focus on the main element, which is CONTENT. 

Content is always the King Guys!

We do need content on our website, and it has to be updated from time-to-time. Dynamic websites always update the content, and the top priority will be updating the home page. 

Even if there is a static website, which can be a personal blog or something the content has to be updated. In the personal blog, there will be many articles which will become irrelevant after a point of time. To avoid it, we can just make some minor changes or even rewrite the whole article to make it relevant. 

We have to focus on and question ourselves about the content regularly. 

So, this was all about the Google Broad Core Algorithm Update May 2020. Stay connected with us for further details.

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