Importance of AMP in SEO and How to Install it

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In this blog, we are going to discuss the importance of AMP in SEO and how to install it. AMP is the acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Don’t we just hate when the internet is slow or our wifi keeps acting up? To be honest, we always want super-fast networks and high internet speed all the time. 

Over the years the internet speed kept increasing and the price decreased. We can’t stand if a youtube video buffers and if a page takes a lot of time to load. We lose our patience easily with websites if it doesn’t open fast enough on our mobile then we just press back in a second. 

On a laptop, we give it some time but on the phone, we are always in a rush so it has become very important to load a website faster on mobile devices to sustain and bring more organic traffic. This can be done only with the help of AMP.

What is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages which is an open-source HTML framework. This helps mobile browsing experience by loading websites faster. AMP is also considered as one of the ranking factors for Mobile SEO and now even a part of website development.

Importance of AMP in seo

  • As we discussed, AMP helps in increasing the speed of loading webpages. 
  • Websites with AMP are ranked in a better place on the Search Engine Results Page as it deals with better user-experience. 
  • AMP is highly used by publishing sites and websites with a lot of content because the webpages in these websites used to take a lot of time to load. 
  • So this is highly useful for specific sections of websites such as blogs, news, updates, and basically high engaging content webpages. 
  • If the content is engaging and webpages load fast then it might even decrease the bounce rate which will ultimately give a positive impact on the rankings of the website.

How to install AMP?

Installing or integrating your website with AMP has two different ways based on what kind of a website is your as in a WordPress Website or a Non-WordPress HTML website.

With WordPress

In WordPress, things get easy with plug-ins. We can simply install a plug-in called AMP by AMP Project Contributors. Integrating AMP to our whole website is simple by activating the plug-in.

There is another plug-in in WordPress called Rank Math. It is an SEO Plug-in which will automatically make our website AMP Ready.

Without WordPress

AMP in WordPress website is simple in 5 minutes and no need for coding so anyone can do it. But it can be hard for a website, which isn’t a WordPress site. So, it will require coding manually for each and every webpage. 

To make this easy there is a step by step guide by the official website of AMP which will help you guys in the creation of AMP web pages.

We recommend that if not the whole website at least the blog pages should have AMP to better user-experience and traffic.

So that was all about the importance and installation of AMP. If you still have any queries regarding it then do comment down below.

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