Importance of Email Markerting in 2020. Still Effective?

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In this blog, you will get to know the Importance of Email Marketing in 2020. We will give you the answer if Email Marketing is still relevant or not in 2020.

We often notice a few trends which come back with few changes. It happens with fashion, music, or any creative thing. I’m sure you must have heard a lot of old song remixes this year and the previous which are ruined making us realize how golden are the classic songs. Well, not everything comes back in trend for bad.

At the beginning of Digital Marketing, there were very few platforms on the Internet so Email Marketing was on top of the list. As Social Media Platforms came into the picture many said Email marketing is dead. The graphs have gone down and so the investment in Email Marketing but it has been evolving over time for good.

Email Marketing in 2020

Email Marketing has evolved and is still important in 2020.  There are about 4.54 Billion Internet Users as of January this year and about 3.9 Billion Email users. (SourceStatista)

So every internet user doesn’t have a Social Media Account but the maximum of them have Email Accounts that they actively use. To even have a Social Media Account one needs to have an Email Account making it the most fundamental need on the Internet. The content on Social Media is high and a person can just scroll down to ignore the Ads. Ads on Social Media will cost more compared to Emails.

Emails now have different features allowing personalization which makes it more engaging with the users. One of the biggest advantages is Emails are sent to specific people who are signed up for a newsletter or the website. This makes Email Marketing more productive in terms of Click-through-rate and conversions.

Importance of Email Marketing

Most of the professionals prefer Emails compared to Social Media for updated information. The engagement level in Email Marketing has increased by 78% last year. (Source – Hubspot)

The Email Marketing strategies have changed over the years giving out different kinds of Emails to different people based on preferences of the customer. The Emails are now addressing the Users, Customised based on the activities on the website, Mobile-Friendly Emails to make sure the Emails display and support any device. The experimentation is intact and Emails are more interactive with the use of Templates offered by the Email Marketing Platforms.

One of the Best Email Marketing Tools or Platforms is MailChimp. MailChimp offers a free package for limited templates and Emails per day. It also offers other packages to unlock all the templates and unlimited Emails per day.

Email Marketing is back with a high Return on Investment making it a Profitable Platform for more Investment. Get to know the Trends of Email Marketing of this year and start your campaigns. 

So, now you know the Importance of Email Marketing and this isn’t going to be dead from any time now. It is relevant in 2020 and will be for this decade.

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