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In this blog, we are here to discuss influencer marketing and the brands during the pandemic in India. COVID 19 has disrupted businesses and influencer marketing also. How and what are the consequences? Read on to know more.

India went under 5 phases of lockdown, which lead to almost two and half month’s shutdown of operations for almost all the companies, except essentials. It was unexpected, and hence all had to take the hit.

India hit 1 Million Cases as of 16th June, making it 3rd most worst-hit country in the world. Unlock has begun but not everything is back to normal. Things changed and all are adapting the new normal.

So, let us rewind a bit and tell you what exactly happened to the influencer marketing industry and the Big Brands during the COVID 19 pandemic in India.

Online Presence of Brands

Brands had to keep up their game only via online presence. Two months is a long duration, and this could lead to customers forgetting about the company.

So, constant engagement is required. Brands have also taken social media as a platform to announce their restarting of operations.

Halt of Promotions

Many companies have paused promotions due to inactive operations in all ways. But some companies have completely stopped their online presence as operations are halted. No ads on search engines, social media, nothing were continued.

Well, these were two completely different scenarios we noticed happening at the same time during the pandemic.

Influencer marketing is the best option as the influencers can create creative promotional content sitting at home and reach out to millions online.

Influencer Marketing Industry Affected

On the other hand, influencer marketing was partially hit depending upon the influencer’s niche. Some influencers continued creating content without any issue, and some influencers had to change their style.

But, all kinds of influencers lost clients/brands to promote.

Online Audience Increased

But, with starting operations influencer marketing will be highly preferred as the number of users online increased a lot in quarantine. Even brands were active during the quarantine to engage the audience in the best way possible.

Tik-Tok Ban in India

The worst news for influencers was Tik-Tok Ban. It was one of the biggest platforms for influencers and now all the ‘Tik-Tokers’ are out of business. Some of them are looking out for an alternative.

Well, influencers have their particular niche and a platform they are good at but, it’s better to have a good amount of online presence on other platforms too.

Post-Lockdown Consequences

One of the biggest advantages of influencers was as brands couldn’t shoot for ads due to the closure of production houses, brands had to go for an alternative option to promote their products.

Influencer marketing is the best option as the influencers can create creative promotional content sitting at home and reach out to millions online.

So, what you guys think about it? Tell us by commenting below.

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