Free Keyword Research Tools for seo and ads

By HashPro Academy

In this blog, we listed some free and best keyword research tools for SEO and Ads. Don’t miss out on any keywords for your website and ads from here on.

The World Wide Web or the Internet has about 4.4 ZB as of 2019. To break down 4.4 ZB = 4.4 * 1024 * 1024 * 1024 * 1024 GB. Feel free to calculate the number. Also, the estimated data on the internet is 175 ZB by 2025! (Source)

There are about 2 billion websites and reaching the top is not an easy process. A constant effort with SEO will help in the long run and for instant visibility the Ads are helpful. But one thing common in both of these are the ‘Keywords.

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If the keywords aren’t right there is no use as the right traffic doesn’t visit our website. They can be multiple versions of a single word, so to finalize the keyword use some keyword research tool, to ease the process. Here is a list by us.

List of Free Keyword Research Tools

Google Keyword Planner

Google AdWords has an inbuilt keyword planner to easily access and finalize them. It’s free and highly used as every website runs ads via Google AdWords. Choosing the best and top search engine tool is the right way to get great insights. One of the best features of Google Keyword Planner is we can add up to 10 keywords to get the results of the search volume and competition, here google shows about more than 100 results of similar keywords.

Uber Suggest

Uber Suggest by Neil Patel is simple to use for anyone and free. The suggested keywords are very relevant and the results provided are not available Google Keyword Planner. So, once you check on google and come to uber suggest for more relevant suggestions which will be different.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a great tool to find different possibilities of search queries and understand the user’s requirements. It’s a great tool to research keywords and gain in-depth knowledge. The keywords suggestions are comparable, segregated alphabetically etc. It’s a great tool to list down different keywords all at once.

Word Stream

WordStream is a great keyword research tool as it’s specific with the industry requirement. The results are tailors as per the industry and country. The competition score, the estimated CPC is provided to decide on the marketing budget for Ads which is practical to work. We can download all the suggested keywords in different formats and are ready to upload directly into google ads also to proceed easily.

These were four suggestions that can help you with deciding keywords for Ads and try to go with long tails keywords for SEO. The keyword research tools mentioned above are the best of the lot.

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