principles of
Digital marketing.
Any field that you enter needs a strong base. We teach you right from the basics of Digital marketing for a stronger foundation.
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HashPro is one of the fastest growing Digital Marketing Institute in Hyderabad, located in Himayatnagar. There is a huge gap between what the Industry wants and what is being taught by institutes and this laid a strong foundation to teach and train students both theoretically and practically. We transform students and make them Industry ready by the end of Digital Marketing course.

HashPro has been named as one of the top 3 best Digital Marketing institutes in Himayatnagar and top 5 best Digital Marketing academies in Hyderabad. We are proud to say that HashPro is the only academy to provide Advanced and Master level coaching in Digital Marketing in the entire Hyderabad.

Principles of digital marketing
Understanding Digital marketing from the scratch is very important. This module will make even a layman understand the basics of marketing.

Basics of Marketing

For any business to run Marketing is the must. Before getting into Digital Marketing we teach students briefly about the importance of Marketing.


What is Digital marketing

There have been a lot of definitions for Digital marketing. But understanding the right meaning and actual purpose of Digital marketing is very important as it reflects the overall knowledge in that niche.


Traditional & Digital Marketing

Marketing includes both traditional and digital. One can perform Digital marketing activities like a Pro only when he understands the difference between Traditional and Digital marketing.


Digital Marketing platforms

Knowledge without execution is equal to garbage. Understanding the applications and platforms is necessary to perform Digital Marketing. Our students get well trained to handle different platforms and their Marketing techniques.


Benefits of Digital marketing

Digital Marketing is the future. There are a lot of theories to prove that Traditional Marketing prevailing right now will completely vanish as the audience have turned towards Digital on a larger scale.  Understanding the benefits of the course a student learns is very important for him/her to choose a right career.


Latest updates of Digital Marketing

Being updated is necessary in this competitive world. We make sure that our curriculum is always updated as per the present trends.


Market research

It is very important as per Marketer to know what the audience require. There are multiple ways to attain that information. We teach you the best ways to find the relevant information.


Importance of Digital marketing

With the growing advancements there has been a great scope for Marketing in this Digital world. Especially marketing on digital platforms is quite comfortable to check the stats and facts on a day to day basis.


Career Opportunities

We let our students know the best career opportunities in Digital Marketing field as investing their 3 months to learn a course has to fetch them some benefit in their near future.

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