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It is important to reach your audience where they are present in huge numbers. Social media is a platform where your audience are in Bulk. Entertaining and giving information is a key to grab audience.
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HashPro is one of the fastest growing Digital Marketing Institute in Hyderabad, located in Himayatnagar. There is a huge gap between what the Industry wants and what is being taught by institutes and this laid a strong foundation to teach and train students both theoretically and practically. We transform students and make them Industry ready by the end of Digital Marketing course.

HashPro has been named as one of the top 3 best Digital Marketing institutes in Himayatnagar and top 5 best Digital Marketing academies in Hyderabad. We are proud to say that HashPro is the only academy to provide Advanced and Master level coaching in Digital Marketing in the entire Hyderabad.

Social Media Marketing

There are 3.5 billion Social Media users all over the world. Where there are customers there should be business and visibility

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a world of its own. We give a brief introduction to all the social media platforms, and it’s features that are beyond regular sharing.


Facebook marketing

Facebook, the leading social media platform allows marketing for everyone. A channel to communicate to millions of people for free is a great way to connect. We teach all the unknown features of Facebook in-depth for best use.


Instagram marketing

Instagram, the best social media platform for visual display to market and finding a niche audience. Our students train to produce the best content to maximize engagements.


Youtube Marketing

Youtube isn’t just a video sharing platform anymore. Live streaming, picture sharing, short videos like sharing all are available in one platform. Our students will learn how to gain a great number of views with some detailing to focus on. 


Twitter Marketing

A land to start a conversation of the thread is Twitter. Learning how to tweet with limited characters and delivering the message with accuracy is the key to twitter marketing.


LinkedIn Marketing

Professional Networking on Linkedin is beneficial for career growth and finding the right people/audience for the services one provides and B2B connections. How to make a real connection on Linkedin is the process we teach our students.


Facebook Ads

Facebook provides a feature to create a business page to promote products/services and ad managers to create different kinds of ads for different needs. Learning to create ads and positioning them on Facebook and Instagram helps to find the perfect audience.


LinkedIn Ads

Finding an audience for B2B products or services is best with LinkedIn ads. Also, hiring on LinkedIn is made simple as ads place the job offer on the top of the list. 


Organic activities

Social Media is not just one-way communication. We believe in interaction with the followers to connect more personally and gradually increase the engagements with organic activities.

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