Best Off-Page SEO Techniques in 2020

In this blog, we are here to share the best off-page SEO techniques in 2020. SEO is a long process so choose the best techniques to proceed.

In this blog, we are here to share the best off-page SEO techniques in 2020. SEO is a long process so go with the best techniques to proceed.

Google search engine can be very tricky considering all the factors that come into play in Website Ranking On SERP. 

However, if you know anything about SEO, the two factors top the list are – 

  1. Relevancy of the Site to Search
  2. Authority of the Site

Considering this, SEO is done on two fronts.

  1. On-page SEO: helps the Google crawlers recognize the relevancy of site/page 
  2. Off-page SEO: helps to identify if the site is authoritative.

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On-page SEO is straightforward and most people focus on that only. However, they are lost when it is related to How to do Off-page SEO.

Want an Off-page SEO Techniques Checklist?

Here are Top Off-Page SEO Techniques to use in 2020

Leverage Social Media

Social media platforms (Instagram, Linkedin, etc) are great for redirecting people to your website. Start engaging on social media and build a brand presence on the platforms. This presence can be leveraged to increase site authority.

Blog Directories

This is essentially submitting or listing the Website URLs and other relevant details in a website directory. This helps in building relevant and authoritative backlinks to your website.

 Guest blogging

Collaborating with other creators in your space and creating content for their sites is a great way to get that backlink needed for Off-page SEO. It helps in the creation of engaging content and helps to grow your network too.

Tip: Don’t focus on the number of backlinks generated but more on quality. So make sure to collaborate with authoritative sites in your domain.

Indexing of URLs

One of the most important aspects in Off-page SEO is making sure google web crawlers find your web pages. To do that Indexing ( listing site on Search console) is very important. Indexed pages are the ones that have been crawled upon and are deemed to have enough quality for the relevant keyword.

Creating Valuable and Shareable Content

Content is the heart of Traffic Generation. It is what people come to a website for. Creating content that provides immense value encourages the viewers to share it in their network hence providing free backlinks. Shareable content just makes it for them to share it.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking allows users to save and bookmark certain webpages for later reference. Bookmarks can be public, private, or shared with specific groups. Social bookmarking sites can also be used like social search engines. This makes them a great tool for Off-page SEO.

Answering Questions On Forums

To create more visibility for the brand and website, start answering Questions on Forums like Quora and Stack overflow. You can help people through their challenges and create awareness at the same time. On some forums, you can even leave a link to your site.

Submitting Images and Infographics

Images and infographics submission is a great way for Off-page Optimization. The key is to add proper tags and relevant links to your site. a lot of people are searching for images and especially infographics nowadays.

According to the volume of searches in Google Trends shown in this infographic, the popularity of infographics has increased by 800% over two years since 2010.

There are many other off-page SEO activities that you do. However, if you apply these religiously and consistently, the results will flaunt in it’s early stages.
In the end, SEO is not a day’s or a month’s work. It will take patience to rank the site.

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Which of the Techniques are you going to use next?
Let us know in the comments below.

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