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What is Online Reputation Management in Digital Marketing

What Is Online Reputation Management In Digital Marketing

In this blog, we are covering an important aspect of digital marketing, which is Online Reputation Management. Read on to deep dive into the context.

The Internet world is great, and we can’t imagine living without it daily. But, with the pros it has, it’s cons. Agree?

Statistics on social media

(Source: Statista)

  • There are about 7.6 Billion people in the world
  • There are around 3.6 Billion people on social media
  • Every person spends at least 3 hours per day on their phone

Digital Marketing and Online Reputation

With the advancements over the years, Digital Marketing has become relevant to reach millions of people instantly. One main important aspect coming online is to promote oneself, either it is a firm or an individual.

Well, promoting or marketing is great, but what if there is a negative backlash? We often see people bully or write down negative comments with different intentions. It damages a company’s or an individual reputation.

As they say, it’s hard to build a reputation, but everything can shatter in a single minute.
Build Trust and Credibility
Persuasive Online Presence
Quick Responses
Word of Mouth is relevant
Miscommunication is a possibility
Take a Feedback

Online Reputation Management in Digital Marketing

So, here comes online reputation management. It’s a process of controlling what to show when someone searches online. Online reputation management is important for companies big or small no matter, and individuals like celebrities or influencers.

Twitter trolls and Instagram negative comments are two things we watch every day. These have an impact, and it has to be controlled. Sometimes, even a post or tweet becomes so controversial that is a risk to reputation.

So to avoid all this, the digital marketing team has to be careful with the content and try to maintain a positive reputation online. It’s a good sign of the best online presence.

That’s all for now. Comment down below and let us know what all topics you want us to write in the future.

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